If the rebirth of techno is the climate change, Martin Dimitrov is the storm prototype

Hypnotic, deep melodic riffs surrounded by bigroom techno kicks, metallic percussions,
acidic basslines and trancy atmosphere.
Hybrid sound design between organic warmth and digital precision.
Epic analog synthesizer anthems flashing through distant underground rhythms.

The Munich-based techno DJ and producer with Bulgarian origin has started his career
at fragile age of 14 with his tech house parties under the nickname “Zon”.

After quitting school, his spent next few years living in sound studios and collaborating
with local DJs to create parties which brought his first vinyl appearance at the age of 16.
Beatport’s minimal charts immediately react upon Dimitrov’s first single “Duh”.
His successful remix of the “Let’s Go Outside – You Make Me Struggle” contest showed up on Soma records.
A decent part of his grooves back then was contributed to the first Bulgarian Label – USB Digital.
Still underage, Martin was already behind many electronic chart entries as a ghost producer, mixing and mastering engineer.

Taking part in a local DJ contest, he was tamed as a resident of “Chervilo” – a legendary club that raised generations of DJs and electronic music fans.
To improve his skills, he was reading sound engineering books while playing ambient tech in local bars during the weekdays.
At the time Martin shared a studio with friends located below the giant luminary club of Sin City Sofia.
He travelled the country during fridays and weekends.
He warmed up international established DJs such as Audiofly and lead minimal techno marathons like Carl Cox’s after party.

Few years later he joined Warner’s publishing and marked a line into his production.
Martin has teamed up with Carlos Peron, known as one of the honored electronic swiss trio Yello.
Together they yielded few albums and remixes across diverse electronic subgenres like jazz electronica, industrial and rave techno.

So far Dimitrov has released over 200 tracks in diverse musical directions, cooperating with John Creamer,
Samuel L Session, Jon Silva, Stan Kolev, Markus Vector, Yuji Kondo, DJ Ally, Stefan Helmke and more in the electronic hemisphere.

His pieces can be seen along labels like Outta Limits, Night Drive Records’s subsidiary – 2600 Records and Autist’s sub label Franz Franz.

He currently manages Movit Records for his past and future innermost creations.
His latest EPs enjoy supportive feedback by iconic names such as James Zabiela, Anja Schneider.

As Martin Dimitrov’s music evolves taking different shapes and forms, his entire manufacture stimulates the senses, reminding that techno is still an emotion.

Martin’s Take:

After countless parties, after hours and multi-day runs on the electronic music agenda,
I needed something to top up the absence of dopamine.
The once lost feeling of love and mutual respect has vanished among the industrial cultural demolition and thirst for money.
In times when my favorite places are being closed due to governmental control, I’m holding on a little strain of energy, called classic techno.
The one that many junior ravers haven’t yet heard of and only few elder DJs remember.
Yet the business is so powerful, that to process the value of art one needs to consciously dive deep into unconsciousness, beyond the unknown and reach for the legacy sources. The sources that once provided us with eternal energy flow, unconditional happiness and pure love.

My role is to recover the kinetic force of the millennial roots, that brings us together, swooping us into transcendental dance and convert this tribal force into electronic bliss for all senses.

I’m in a constant search of more. More depth, more acid, more conscience.
The description of my music are the layers of time, patience and deep understanding.
The only way to bounce off the restraints is to experience the shivers over and over.